Vita di reparto
Life in the Ward

Patients admitted to our clinic may bring whatever they require, although we recommend that they keep this to essentials…

Centro diagnostico
Diagnostic Centre

Brain Mapping, Computerised EEG, Computerised Axial Tomography CAT, MRI, Computerised Neuropsychology as well as Ultrasonic Diagnostics, Evoked Potentials and Computerised Radiology…

Test Laboratory

The Specimen Collecting Room is open Monday to Saturday from 8.15 to 9.00 G; the times of the home service may be agreed from time to time according to the patient’s requirements, but no later than 09.00 H.

  • Admission Information

    Admission Information

  • Diagnostic centre

    Diagnostic centre

  • Test Laboratory

    Test Laboratory

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo Gallery